Sunset Kayak


Our services now fall into two distinct areas, Life-Centred Financial Planning and Estate Planning.  In all cases, we operate on a fixed fee basis so you can be confident that you know exactly what you will be paying for what we are doing for you.




Strategic Planning

The financial planning process begins with us getting to know you, what makes you tick and what you currently do with your life.  We then help you to explore your future plans and aspirations so that we have a clear picture of how you would, ideally, like to live the rest of your life. 

Cashflow Modelling

Once the "big picture" exercise has been completed, we gather comprehensive information about your incomes and outgoings, and current values for your savings, investments and other policies.  Part of this process is getting you to complete a detailed expenditure analysis, both current and anticipated for when you get to your "desired future lifestyle age" (or preferred retirement age).  This then enables us to complete your Cashflow and Financial Plan and to model different scenarios.

Later Life Advice

Understanding the unique needs of those in later life is a specialist area in its own right.  Fortunately, during his time as an Independent Financial Adviser, Neil was a specialist in this area and understands the benefits and tax system in the UK in great depth.  Over the years, he also helped many clients with Care Fees Planning for their elderly relatives and provided much needed reassurance, thus reducing relatives' stress and anxiety levels significantly.  This service is very much still a core part of our business.

Making Life Simple

Making Life Simple is a unique service aimed at people whose financial affairs have become disorganised and, perhaps, overwhelming for them.  It is likely to be of most value to people of advancing years who may be struggling to keep on top of their finances, and who would benefit from having a thorough sort out of their financial paperwork, getting it all organised and then making sure it stays that way.


It is not financial advice; it is financial organisation.

Estate Planning

In conjunction with our professional partners, we assist our clients with drafting or redrafting their Wills and Powers of Attorney.  We are also able to help with tax planning on larger estates, often in conjunction with the new Will, so that assets don't end up in the wrong hands or being taxed unnecessarily.

This service, along with our other services, is offered on a fixed fee basis so you always know what you are paying for what you are getting.

We progress things for you in a timely way so that you are not left in limbo for many months as is often the case with other advisers in this field.