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Why Neil Gayler & Co.?

Neil Gayler & Co. is fairly unusual for a financial planning firm in that it does NOT provide "regulated" financial advice.  We focus solely on the aims and ambitions that you have for yourself and your family, and help you to model these by strategic planning and cashflow modelling.  The result is that, possibly for the first time ever, you will have much greater certainty about how realistic and achievable your dreams and aspirations really are.

Not Just Another "Financial Adviser"

Now that Neil Gayler & Co. has sold its regulated advice arm, it focuses solely on strategic planning, cashflow modelling and estate planning.  This means that we can not advise you on investments and pensions and are therefore not driven, as many regulated advisers are, to persuade you to invest your money with them for an often not insignificant fee and, thereafter, "manage" your portfolio for a percentage of its value.

Our focus is on you, how you live your life currently and the plans you have for how you would like this to change as the years go by.  We start with you completing a "What I want to do with the rest of my life" questionnaire.  This helps you to really examine what life is all about for you, where you see it heading and what you would like to change about it as you get older.

Our view is that nobody should advise you on what you should do with your money until they clearly understand what you want to do with your life.

Signing a contract

"Regulated" Financial Advice

Once the strategic planning and cashflow modelling exercise has been completed, where appropriate, we will introduce you to a carefully vetted adviser for any regulated advice you might need.  With your permission, we will share your Financial Plan with them so that they are much better informed and able to tailor their advice to the clear objectives that we have helped you to establish.

"Neil is a very competent and experienced professional. He listens well and quickly picks out the key issues.  The advice which he gives is practical and relevant.  At no stage have I felt pressured to buy his services.  A session with Neil is like a conversation with an old and trusted friend."
Richard Ollin, Gloucestershire